Butterfly Membership Directory

Our Butterfly members enjoy many wonderful membership perks for investing $60 or more per year into the organization. Please contact our members if you have questions about the organization and remember to patronize our butterfly businesswomen!

Name                                                              Member Since                       Business/Affiliation

Perneacia Banks                                           October 2014

Cynthia Bryant                                               July 2014

Elaina Burden-Force                                   June 2015

Sharon Coats                                                  July 2014

Jashara Coples

Larita Dalton

Shirley Frasier                                                 August 2014                            908 South Designs

Robin Hammock                                           September 2014

Krystal Hart                                                     July 2014                                   Sparrow Communications

Opel Hayes                                                      August 2014

Janeen Hill                                                      June 2015

Janice Hill                                                        October 2014

Valarie Isaac                                                   October 2014

Patricia Jackson                                           June 2014

Charlene Jenkins                                         August 2014

Daisy Jones                                                    June 2014                                   TealIris Legacy Services

Verdell Jones                                                August 2014                               State Farm Agent

Willa Lewis                                                     October 2014

Juanita Lowery                                            December 2014                        Inspirations Performance

Linda McKnight                                           July 2014

Kathy Paige                                                  July 2014

Bonita Porter                                               June 2014

Charmette Reed                                         February 2015

Madilynn Scriven                                       June 2014

Sarah Stevens                                             August 2014

Tieranie Smith                                            September 2014                                Wrapture Hair Studio

Gwendolyn Watkins                                 March 2015

Denisha Wigfall                                          June 2015

Denise Williams                                         January 2015

Olivia Williams                                           September 2014

Millie Wilson                                                July 2014

Mea Wilson                                                  July 2014

Updated August 2015